“Incomplete” an Artist’s Book

Something a little different.

Comics are normally my jam, but now that I’m back in education I want to take the opportunity to push myself creativly. INCOMPLETE: an Artist’s Book. Since starting uni I’ve been branching out more and making things I wouldn’t normally think to do. It’s a visual diary of sorts, documenting the work I’ve been making. I’ve printed a limited amount of this book that I’ll do something with in the future.

I’ve been experimenting a lot of photography, both digital and film. I currently have a couple of films deveoping, once I’ve got them back I may put together a zine of my photography too.

For a long time I’ve just put myself inside the box of ‘Comic Book Artist” or “Illustrator” which is fine, but I feel like doing so can also be very restrictive. I’ve found Artist is a much better catch-all term and doesn’t pin me down to one type of practice.

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