Cat Comix

Recently I’ve been experimenting with an idea for the book I’m working on for my MA.

The idea, in its current state, is a story revolving around a round a group of friends (who happen to be animals) exploring they’re local punk scene together. Maybe they form a band? I dunno. Either the way the book will heavily feature the crossover between punk and queer culture and sitting outside of societal norms.

Visually I’m playing around with a collage look, using photos printed on drafting film layered on top of one another. Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on a comic to decide how viable that is for a long form project.

Could I just replicate that effect on photoshop? Of course. But that’s not nearly as fun and I want to be more hands on with this project rather than it being solely screen based.


I’ve been working on some pieces under a different guise for a project based around a single character (and some yet to be designed supporting characters)

These paintings, illustrations etc can be found on Instagram over at @anaseed_art

Klimate Kaijin

Here’s some illustrations of monsters based on various threats the climate.

These are for a card game, but it’s not set in stone, they may well get used for something else. For now, I’ll be mocking up some playing cards and something that vaguely resembles rules. Once I make further progress with this project I’ll be sure to share here on the blog.

I’ve got a few more that I’m working on, these are the ones that currently finished.