No Wave


As I continue dipping my toe in to other forms of image making I’ve recently become quite fond of making things in this sort of vapor-wave/ Y2K aesthetic/ rave poster style. I’ve always been find of Takeshi Murakami but lately I’ve gotten very much back in to his work and that’s very much informing what I’ve been making.

Image created to used for a screen print

I’ve been thinking alot about iconography and reoccuring themes. With time, as and when I get the chance, I’ll be blurring the lines more and more between my illustration work and the more experimental stuff like the images in this post.

“Incomplete” an Artist’s Book

Something a little different.

Comics are normally my jam, but now that I’m back in education I want to take the opportunity to push myself creativly. INCOMPLETE: an Artist’s Book. Since starting uni I’ve been branching out more and making things I wouldn’t normally think to do. It’s a visual diary of sorts, documenting the work I’ve been making. I’ve printed a limited amount of this book that I’ll do something with in the future.

I’ve been experimenting a lot of photography, both digital and film. I currently have a couple of films deveoping, once I’ve got them back I may put together a zine of my photography too.

For a long time I’ve just put myself inside the box of ‘Comic Book Artist” or “Illustrator” which is fine, but I feel like doing so can also be very restrictive. I’ve found Artist is a much better catch-all term and doesn’t pin me down to one type of practice.

Begin Blog

I feel funny about the internet.
It’s become something werid. Everything is in one of a handful of places.
Convenience is.. convenient. But it’s not necessarily a good thing. We need to start exploring again. But maybe we also need to just, step back a bit.

Why am I starting this blog? I’m not sure. I don’t want to commit to making a whole website. I also want something I can easliy update and I don’t want those updates to get lost in a barrge of other posts as everyone scrambles for attention on a timeline/dashboard/wall. I want a place to put my work that isn’t tied down to being just another account on social media because althought it’s done great things for art and helped to get artists work seen by an audience with ease, I feel social media has also ruined art in a way.

Maybe we can make this a trend?